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Faux Eyelids, Cracked Tooth and Nonstop Worry: The Secrets and techniques Behind Charlize Theron’s Film Transformations – E! On-line


The onscreen transformation Theron is most identified for is her descent into the bottom depths of the human expertise to play real-life serial killer Aileen Wuornos in Patty Jenkins‘ 2003 movie, a efficiency that earned her the Academy Award for Finest Actress.

“We by no means mentioned it like this huge factor, like some purpose—’We’re gonna acquire 30 kilos,'” Theron explained to SplicedWire, noting how Wuornos had grown up homeless and gave start to a baby at 13. “It wasn’t about getting fats. Aileen wasn’t fats. Aileen carried scars on her physique from her life-style, and if I would gone to make this film with my physique—bodily I am very athletic—I do not know that I might have felt the issues Aileen felt along with her physique. It was about attending to a spot the place I felt nearer to how Aileen was residing. I did not need to take a look at my physique and see my pure muscle. That form of factor would have thrown me off utterly in making an attempt to be her.”

She eschewed a wig in favor of hairstylist Katie Swanson distressing Theron’s personal tresses to realize Wuornos’ uncared-for head of hair and had her eyebrows bleached and thinned to virtually nothing. 

Although it might look as if she’s carrying a full-on masks of plastic, the one prosthetics have been on Theron’s eyelids to make them heavier, and the entire course of took rather less than an hour. Make-up artist Toni G airbrushed layers of translucent washes of tattoo ink, texturized with inexperienced marble sealant, to provide Theron’s face a weather-beaten, hard-life look, and Artwork Sakamoto crafted dentures stuffed with stained, crooked tooth. She additionally wore brown contacts to cowl her blue eyes.

“By the point we started the make-up and hair checks, we might gotten so used to my [Aileen] face,” Theron shared with Winfrey in 2005. “I stayed in it more often than not whereas I used to be on set. I might put on Aileen’s garments on a regular basis, have my hair the best way she would, so the crew actually obtained to know me as Aileen.”

As for her weight, “I simply thought, ‘I will see how a lot I can acquire,'” she mentioned. Fortunately, the method started “over Christmas, so it was excellent. I completed everyone’s desserts.”